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The ‘Gypser’…version 1.2

January 9, 2011

I was keen to use Connolly’s bridle leather for ages, after a saddler told me it was good to work with, not as waxy or heavily tallowed as Sedgwicks, but it’s very hard to get hold of, especially in Australia. But H Leffler and Sons in Melbourne, the place I go to for bridle leather, told me they had one Connolly hide left over from an old shipment, a light bridle back in London Tan with pig-print. Heavily discounted I jumped at it and made another version of the ‘Gypser’. I’m told that Connolly have stopped making saddlery and bridle leathers, which is a tragedy because its very fine stuff to work with.

This is the result…


The 'Gypser' model in Connolly light-bridle Mid-Tan, with pig-print

Side view showing strap configuration



The gusset form, ring attachments or chapes and side-strap shown in detail.

The Connolly hide was 4.0mm thick so it was a tough job stitching and aligning the panels, to make the edges look tight and smooth.




'Gypser' - Front view



The front view…flat edge front flap with gentle curve                      to straight sides, no scalloped edge as in Gypser                              model below.







Close-up view of gusset and dee-ring attachment





Another view showing the dee-ring set-up on the gusset





The basic specs are the same as that for the “Gypser’ model posted earlier, except for the following details:

  • I made both D-rings by hand from scratch, starting from a master copy carved in jewellers wax, then cast in brass, cleaned, polished and then finally plated in Rhodium.
  • the dee-ring set-up is for a chape hand-stitched and riveted to the gusset, rather than the gusset top loop back inside and stitched that way.
  • Gusset is one continuous panel, at 130 mm wide.

This is only a base model, so obviously elements can be changed to suit the wearer/carrier. More details to come…



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