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The Satchels, Part 1…continued

January 7, 2011

The ‘Gypser’


The 'Gypser'...oblique side view


Another front view


Base Specifications for the ‘Gypser’

  • Tan veg-tanned cow hide, Italian double-shoulder. 3.2mm thick
  • Hand-stitched using Bonded Nylon Italian made thread
  • Height 360mm, Width 360mm, Depth 120mm
  • Nickel on Solid Brass Stirrup buckles, medium weight nickel on brass Dee-rings, English made.
  • Side adjuster straps
  • Scalloped flap edges for easy opening and closure

These are the basic specs, but any saddlery or belt leather can be used, from a variety of colours. Hardware is saddlery-grade harness and stirrup buckles. I prefer to use nickel or rhodium finish on cast brass for fittings.

Oblique view of top, showing gusset and strap deatils

Side view showing strap details



The ‘Gypser’ is a simple one compartment style satchel with side adjuster straps. Again I used Italian tanned and dyed Double shoulder cow hide. On the model above I used a two piece gusset stitched and riveted at the base. Another model I made without the seam gives a more pleasing finish and I’ll post images of that soon. It’s reminiscent of Victorian-era English cartridge or hunting cases that were essentially a large pouch or box, sometimes with inset compartments, with minimal detailing and simple in style. This was one of the earlier bags I made in the series. More later.

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  1. BlackRain permalink
    January 20, 2012 2:23 am

    How soon in advance should I order the GYPER? Say for March?

  2. BlackRain permalink
    January 20, 2012 2:23 am

    Im sorry the GYPSER?

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